Friday, May 27, 2011

Lose 60 lbs in 2 months

It is very possible to lose 60 lbs in 2 months. You must first be over 60 lbs overweight and consult your doctor. You must also be highly motivated and determined to stick with your weight loss plan. Read below for how to lose 60 lbs in 2 months.

Stop thinking negative thoughts. Only think positive thoughts. Quit telling yourself you cannot do something. Believe you will lose 60 lbs in 2 months and keep that belief.

Keep a weight loss journal and record your thoughts and feelings. Write down all your goals and your reasons why you want to lose 60 lbs in 2 months. Make sure to write in your weight loss journal everyday.

Replace 2 meals a day with a high protein, low sugar meal replacement shake. I recommend replacing breakfast and lunch with the shake. Meal replacement is the best way to lose 60 lbs in 2 months.

For your one meal a day, eat whatever you want as long as it is below 700 calories. Try to limit your bread and pasta intake to only a few servings a week. Eat lots of vegetables, seasoned to taste.

For snacks, eat fruit, low calorie filling foods like apples, raw veggies and popcorn with little to no butter. Have a yogurt cup or jello. Limit your snacks to 3 to 4 a day.

In the morning, do 25 minutes of muscle building exercises like crunches and squats. Muscle burns more calories than fat so you will burn more calories doing daily activities.

Drink plenty of water and avoid sugary drinks like soda and juice. Stay hydrated throughout the day.

Stay active. Try to walk instead of using the elevator. Dance while cleaning. Dance while watching tv. Whenever you are doing nothing, do something instead!

Get 8 hours of sleep a night.

These are very easy steps to lose 60 lbs in 2 months.


  1. Your post gave me major motivation! I started my day with two meal replacement shakes (Slim Fast) and had chicken broth with boiled veggies for dinner!! I hope to lose 60 pounds in two months! Yay!

    1. If you dedicate yourself over the next 21-days and follow The 3 Week Diet as outlined, you will be walking around with 12 to 23 pounds of body fat gone from your waist, hips, thighs, belly and butt. Your clothes will be looser, you’ll look healthier and more attractive…and you’ll have more energy than you’ve ever had in a long, long time.

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  2. i did this for two months and actually lost 80 lbs yay so happy i got all my pregnancy fat off

    1. Natasha chacon what shakes did you drink?

    2. Can u plz tell me what did u do to lose so much in so little time 😀

    3. Hi can u plz tell me how u lost so much in so little time tjsnx

  3. Wow you lost 80 pounds in two months that's amazing, please let me know what you did I am so tired of being this big, and a disappointment to myself. I have a vacation planned for May for once I would like not to sit out due to my size. Just a schedule would be great.Thanks so much

  4. I just started today, I woke up at 7:30, did situps-v-ups, push ups, that wall sitting thing, any other muscle building exercises you can think of? I'm using the Whey Advanced Protein Powder stuff. I'm hopeful, I wrote in my journal, Wish me luck!

  5. Started a day ago i been doin work out first thing for 60min n the protein shake i been switching it up though sometimes i eat lunch not dinner n do shake instead im 5"1 n 178 pounds i was 230. I gained way to much baby weight i have a 3 month old n a 10 year old .I also work so this is a simple plan as long as i don't get lazy or give up. But i feel awsome after i work out i still strugle energy wise n i don't drink coffee in not goin to give up n the journal thing i turn. In to prayers of motavation and transformation from the inside out to be positive in all areas is hard but keep faithful in this n the energy n health n positive self disaplin i also doan loaded a women who looks like me a lil but is fit n have it as me screen saver for motivating as well

  6. I want to loose 80 pounds in 3 months and I need motivation please I hope this help but if somebody let me know what shakes to drink

  7. I will start today, have a PT test on October and need to loose exactly 60LB. Will give this a shot

  8. I am going to start tomorrow! With this plan... I've been watching tons of YouTube videos on weight loss and I have 63 lbs goal to lose in 2.5 months. I will keep you updated! Thank you

  9. My boyfriend and I lost a lot of weight following an excellent program! I think it will not be online for a long time, so watch the video now!

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    1. It's a money scam. The Web of Trust "wot" had a big warning when going to that link you provided
      "How to lose weight safely and effectively" BAD!

  10. This plan works!lost 4lbs in a month with shakeology high veggie intake just water and tea and I did the 21 day fix workouts. My new goal is to lose 60lbs in 2 months (had 2 babies after the 45lb loss) I would deff be happy with 80lbs lost too. Going to use a cheaper shake and 22 corps this time.

  11. Sabrina Stevens did you mean 40lbs in a month?

  12. Do you think drinking hearbal life shakes would work

  13. I want to rejoin the army need to lose 64lbs in 2 months this gave me hope thank you

  14. What kind of shakes should I use I really would love to lose 80+lbs

  15. I am starting August 1, 2016! I know I am late to the party, but you inspired me and I am going to do it! I am getting all my supplies this weekend and look forward to a toned, healthier ME! Thank you! I followed you as well!

  16. Just had a baby a month ago and I wanna lose 60-80 pounds by Oct so this is giving me hope

  17. Just had a baby a month ago and I wanna lose 60-80 pounds by Oct so this is giving me hope

  18. What are some good workouts? And is there anyway to speed this up even more? Thank u!


  19. Drop 30 Pounds in 8 Weeks?

    Two summers ago, I worked with a great gal from Hollywood, Rachel Nichols.
    Rachel did some TT workouts while filming a movie up here in Toronto.

    That's about it for me in terms of training Hollywood actors or
    actresses in person, but recently I was asked, "Imagine you're
    working with a major film star who has eight weeks to lose 30
    pounds of fat and build some muscle in preparation for the lead
    role in the latest Hollywood blockbuster. What do you do with them?"

    Here's my answer...

    I would have control over every single thing that they eat. That's
    the biggest ticket to success here. No booze, no excess sugar, and
    just giving them enough reward to stick with the program.

    If this "star" is a typical overweight, sedentary individual, we'll have
    no problem getting rid of 20 pounds of fat through nutrition.

    As for exercise, we need to be consistent, and stick with our intensity
    principles. We would do 3 hard workouts per week using strength
    training followed by interval training with the program being centered
    around basic movement patterns done with free weights.

    Everything is done in supersets in the workout to get more done in
    less time. For example, we might do a squat supersetted with a
    pressing exercise. I also like to pair free weight exercises and
    bodyweight exercises in supersets, for example, a dumbbell split
    squat paired with a decline pushup.

    We'll do 3 superset pairs, each for 1-3 sets, and stick to 8
    repetitions per set. Then we'll finish the workout with 6 hard
    intervals of 30-60 seconds (with 60-120 seconds rest between each).
    This way, we are in and out of the gym in 45 minutes.

    On "off days", we'd still get at least 30 minutes, if not 60
    minutes, of low-intensity exercise. But it wouldn't just be slow
    cardio. Instead, we'd focus on low-intensity bodyweight training.
    For example, if the actor can do a maximum of 25 bodyweight squats,
    15 pushups, and 5 chinups, we would use easier versions of those
    exercises in circuits.

    Here's a sample 6 exercise bodyweight circuit that we'd do at least
    3 times, doing 10 reps per exercise.

    Wall Squat
    Kneeling Pushup
    Beginner Inverted Bodyweight Row
    Stability Ball Leg Curl
    Mountain Climber

    After that, we might cross train with a variety of cardio exercises
    to avoid overuse injuries that occur when you repeatedly do the
    same activity and nothing else.

    So that's pretty much it. If he (or she) sticks to their nutrition,
    we're as good as gold and the actor will be ready just in time.

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    gym and I wasn't overly sore after our sessions. Much like my trainer in
    LA, Craig's workouts were always different: the exercises, the supersets,
    the weights...the combination of elements always varied and, therefore,
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